In the past, we hosted Maker Nights and Maker Days, but they were infrequent and not always convenient. Instead, our members and the public have asked us for a dedicated workspace. The OTL WorkSpace is our effort to provide a safe, approachable workspace for our members to build their next project. It features a series of benches equipped with a solid collection of shop tools, and also has a number of larger power tools which can be used at any of the benches.

Those looking to use the OTL WorkSpace will need to purchase a separate daily or monthly pass to access the space. Passes are available at the tool library only and commence the day of purchase. Costs are $20 for a daily pass and $80 for a monthly pass. All prices include HST.

The OTL WorkSpace is open the same hours as the OTL itself and is supervised by a WorkSpace Monitor. All users must take our WorkSpace 101 course and follow good safety practices, including the use of protective equipment. The course is offered regularly and you can get tickets via Eventbrite.

Each bench at the OTL WorkSpace has a number of essential hand tools, like screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and a drill; measuring and marking tools like a combination square, tape measure and pencil; as well as eyewear and hearing protection.

The following tools are available to be used at any workbench: band saw, miter saw, and scroll saw. There are also a table saw, router, jointer, and planer available, but they will require our WorkSpace 201 course. Other tools can be borrowed (by members) from the OTL and used in the WorkSpace.

Shop Nights & Safety Training

There are no upcoming events at this time, please check back soon.

WorkSpace FAQ

Inside the Ottawa Tool Library at 877A Boyd Avenue in Ottawa. Click here to find us.

For the moment, it will have the same hours as the OTL (click here for hours). As we develop experience and receive feedback, we’ll determine if and when we can expand the hours of the WorkSpace.

Definitely. As demand increases or our costs change, we may need to adjust our fees. We will communicate any changes well in advance.

No, but you need to be a member to borrow any tools from the OTL that are not already in the WorkSpace. OTL members also get a 20% discount on OTL WorkSpace passes.

Yes. For the moment, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are opening the OTL WorkSpace during periods when the OTL itself is closed to reduce foot traffic. Given the limited spaces and high demand, we’re also requiring reservations via Eventbrite.

No (sorry!). Our WorkSpace Monitors can give advice to ensure you’re safely using the appropriate tool. However, their role is to ensure the safe use of the space for all users and cannot divert their attention to help build a specific project.

No, you’ll need to bring your project and materials with you and take them when you leave.

Our WorkSpace safety courses are no longer required to use the space or any handheld (manual or powered) tools. However, select bench/floor tools are only available to those who have taken our WorkSpace safety courses.

WorkSpace 101 covers safe use of the band saw, miter saw, and scroll saw, whereas our WorkSpace 201 covers the table saw, router, jointer, and planer. These tools are only available to those who have taken our corresponding course. You can find upcoming courses and book tickets via Eventbrite.

Yes, everyone must wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times. It will be provided but you can always bring your own.