Prices & Fees

All prices at OTL include HST.

Membership Fees

Yearly memberships
Individual membership$ 200
Household membership$ 250
Students$ 160
Group membership (up to 5 people)$ 500
Gift Package (membership + t-shirt)$ 210
Monthly membership

For more details on how to become a member, please click here.

Hand toolsFree
Power toolsFree
Button maker$3
Special tools (planer, jointer, lathe, power washer)$5

Loan Fees

There are no loan fees on hand tools and most power tools, except a few special tools intended to keep them in rotation and available to members and help with high maintenance costs.

The borrowing period for all tools is one week, with the option to renew for another week (provided no one else is in need of the tool).

Hand tools$1
Power tools$2
Special tools (as above) $10

Late Fees

We charge late fees on all tools to encourage members to return tools on time in consideration for other members.

Short-sleeve Tee$25
Long-sleeve Tee$30
Baby Onesie$20
Water bottle$25
Tote Bag$15
Leather work gloves$7
Sand paper$1.50/sheet
Sanding belt (for belt sander)$5


We also have a variety of merchandise available for those looking to proudly wear their support for the OTL! Call or stop in and check our merch wall to find a specific size or colour. We also sell nails for air nailers and other odds and sods; please check with the Tool Ninja on duty. All proceeds go to sustaining our operations.