OTL Community Fund

At the Ottawa Tool Library, it’s our mission to ensure access to tools and expertise for everyone in our community. Running a tool library, especially with the programs and facilities we aim to offer, can be expensive. We price our memberships so that they’re affordable. We also offer student discounts and also offer volunteer memberships: free memberships for those who help with library operations, event logistics, social media, grant writing and more. However, we know that not everyone can afford the cost of a membership or time to volunteer, so we created OTL Community Fund to support discounted memberships for those who need it.

How does it work?

The OTL Community Fund is funded by other members and supporters of the OTL. It is our way to ensure that cost is not a barrier. Tell us what you can afford and how you’ll benefit from an OTL membership, and we’ll reply within a week. Once your request is approved, you need only to come into the OTL and activate your membership. Got further questions? Please contact us.

Application Form

No dollar sign, no cents. Just let us know what you can reasonably afford.
It can benefit you, a community organization, your neighbours; just tell us how you'll make the most of your membership.
Anything else you wanted to tell us?