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Rebecca – Event Volunteer

“I used to have every hobby in the book. But then I was moving and I didn’t want to bring all of the stuff that you need for each hobby! So I decided to choose one and I thought sewing was the most useful. I’ve learned a lot about repair and about clothing construction – which is very, very time consuming, so my interests lie more with using thrifted clothes and bringing them up to date or repairing them, or otherwise personalizing clothes that already exist. There’s also much more used clothing available today versus virgin fabrics and textiles. The disposable clothing industry says that there are 8 seasons a year now! Places like Forever 21 will just produce a whole bunch of everything and sell what sells and then burn the rest. We’re suffused with extra clothes! Clothes aren’t worn until they’re threadbare anymore – they’re basically worn until they’re not in style anymore. So, with sewing, you can make anything into your style.

All of my socks are usually darned. There are often fixed holes in my socks. I usually do it in a contrasting colour just to make visible mending and to popularize the concept that you don’t have to throw something out just because it’s broken.

Socks are probably the most important garment you can wear! A lot of them are made out of wool, which is one of the best textiles you can wear. It’s very comfortable, it controls temperature very well, it’s very durable. But they do tend to get holes in the bottom. Socks work very hard for us! We walk on them, they’re in our shoes all day. I’m here to help people put a bit of love back in after they get so much out of their socks.”