Matthew – Fixer at our Repair Cafés

“This is my second time volunteering for a Repair Café. I like the challenge of fixing a whole bunch of things in one day. I remember after the last Repair Café, I went home and the things that I didn’t fix kind of haunted me afterwards! But most of the fixes are a success, which is nice. My area of expertise is appliances and musical instruments. I like fixing audio equipment, keyboards, and synthesizers, that kind of thing. I do a lot of old electrical pianos, from the 70s and 60s. Everyone is pretty happy to have their things fixed. It’s pretty rewarding. They always seem very surprised at how easy it is to fix things too. Usually, most repairs are very simple things like a broken wire that needs to be re-sliced or we solder something back on. People always seem very surprised at the end when we’re able to fix something!”