Kathryn – Fixer at our Repair Café

Community member learning how to mend his pants! #teamwork

“I work down the street for an organization called Sustainable Eastern Ontario. It supports environmental non-profits. We actually wrote a letter for OTL when they were applying to the Trillium Foundation for the funding to do the Repair Cafes. At that time I thought oh that’s really cool, I’d love to organize some events together, so here we are! I do a lot of website communication stuff, writing, editing, and organizing events.

Today, I taught somebody how to hem pants so that was awesome! He was very happy.

I have an Etsy shop where I sell mostly knitted and crocheted things. Usually slightly quirky things like this most recent order was scarves that look like octopus tentacles. Someone ordered multiple scarves for a club that she’s part of that has a squid theme!”