Emily – (Former) OTL Programming Coordinator

Emily joined the folds of the tool library volunteer team early on while using her painting skills during the building of our tool library in the summer of 2015. Over the last two years she has become a highly valued member of our core team and has been responsible for many OTL events such as workshops as well as outreach events in the community. Lastly, her and her team organized our recent State of the Toolbox AGM.

Emily is from Prince Edward Island and life is taking her back out East. Her husband Jamie has recently accepted a new position in Halifax and so Emily will be leaving us at the end of March. As Kevin, another one of our Eastern volunteers, has said: “It’s often said about Maritimers that we spend the first half of our lives trying to leave the Maritimes and the second half trying to get back!  Good on her for doing it sooner.”

Emily is a very talented, clever, and funny human with a wonderful joie de vivre. We will miss her steadfast commitment and thoughtful contributions to the Ottawa Tool Library immensely. But as we have told her: we might just have to get a grant where we get to visit all the tool libraries in Canada and then: Halifax look out.” – Bettina

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Emily on the Core Team. I will miss her always positive attitude, and ‘hi gang’ emails that always make me want a Scooby Snack” – Jim

“Emily was on the team that interviewed and hired me for the position of Project Coordinator at OTL. Her sense of humor and warmth were evident from that first meeting, and she’s since become someone who I’m lucky to have had a chance to learn so much from. She’s that super competent pal who you take your troubles to, not just because she’ll have ideas on how to fix them, but because you know you’re going to have fun while working though it all. I feel incredibly lucky to have been on this team with Emily, she’s made me feel so welcome and was a huge factor in my settling in at OTL. I’ll miss her big laugh, enthusiasm, and considerable wisdom, but as a fellow misplaced maritimer, I’m also very happy for her to be heading (close to) home. “ – Shelley


“It’s been such a pleasure to work with Emily over the past few years. Her joyous laugh and her passion and dedication towards the tool library will be missed by us all. We’ve been so fortunate to have had her on our team and will miss her presence tremendously. ” – Annika

“Emily has given so much and is at the heart of the library. She will be missed and never forgotten. THANK YOU, Emily!” – Jessie


“Emily has such great enthusiasm, energy, and optimism–she’s a motivating and uniting force at the OTL. She is truly the salt of the earth, and embodies the spirit of the Maritimes. Emily sees such potential in everyone around her and is always prepared to lend a hand towards realizing that vision. She’s an all-star, often our MVP, and will be dearly missed. ” – Derek