Al – Fixer at our Repair Café

Al – Fixer extraordinaire

“I needed a tool and didn’t want to buy it – it was too expensive, so I came to OTL to borrow one. On my first visit they told me more about the tool library and “recruited” me as a volunteer! I’m now also helping out as a tool ninja and tool librarian during opening hours.

This is my first Repair Café so I’m finding it out as I go along. It’s going well so far! We haven’t been able to fix everything this morning but we were at least able to figure out what spare piece was missing so they could get that piece. We explain what they need to do with the piece once they get it, too. It has been a rewarding experience.”

(During the interview, Al was fixing an antique silver-plated coffee percolator. We were able to search online for the exact piece and it dates back to at least the 1940s!)