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Tinkering School: one week summer camp August

Date(s) - Monday, Aug 15th-Friday, Aug 19th

Ottawa Tool Library


Do you want your kid(s) to learn skills AND have fun this summer? Have them build their own patio chair and make a custom cushion for it.

The Tinkering School of the Ottawa Tool Library is offering a one-week camp for children (9 -14 years) to learn wood working skills by building a cedar patio chair for the first three days and making a custom cushion and cover on the last two days of camp.

Camp runs from 9 am – 3 pm daily.

Our instructors bring a vast experience in teaching children and will always focus on safety in the WorkSpace and with each other.

Cedar Wood Chair

Participants will be able to customize and construct an outdoor chair suitable for sitting or dining. We will teach chair design factors to take into consideration, measuring and marking, cutting, drilling, routing, sanding, gluing, and screwing. Everyone will make a chair they will be proud of and the knowledge to build more!

Custom Cushion

We will teach pattern drafting and cutting, and show them how to use a sewing machine. There will be fun fabric choices for them to choose from to sew a cushion and cover for their new outdoor chair. They’ll learn basic sewing skills, how to upcycle fabric, and how to treat their fabric to make it water resistant for the outdoors!

Your child will be able to take a seat at the table in their own chair!

All participants will need to be fully vaccinated for this workshop and camp is limited to eight participants with an instructor and assistant.

Prices have increased for everything during the pandemic, wood being just one of them. Please note that we’re extending the 20% off the regular price to all OTL members.


The OTL Tinkering School is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all.

Before selecting and signing up for this camp, please be sure that your child understands that the activities will require their attention and maturity. We are working with tools that must be used carefully to ensure everyone’s safety. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sample cushion they will be making.

The other side of the cushion.