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Plumbing Demo on Facebook Live

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Date(s) - Monday, Apr 27th


Join us on Facebook Live for a demo on plumbing.

This online OTL demo will show you how straightforward many common aspects of home plumbing can be and give you the confidence to tackle simple plumbing repairs and upgrades yourself.

We will cover all the basics, starting with an overview of how home plumbing systems work. You’ll learn how water pressure is affected by pipe size and why your shower suddenly gets hot when somebody flushes a toilet. You’ll understand how the drainage system works in your home and how ‘stacks’ control both odour and flow. We’ll talk about the various types of pipes, including copper, PVC and ABS, and how they fit together.

You will learn about the basic tools you need for home plumbing jobs and how the Ottawa Tool Library has everything you need – once we reopen.

You can submit your plumbing questions beforehand via Facebook, email, or during the live event in the comments.