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How to Plan for a Home Reno

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Date(s) - Wednesday, Jan 18th

Ottawa Tool Library


Embarking on a Home Reno? Learn how to plan for a project that size.

Renovating your home is just as easy as it looks on HGTV. Just kidding! A renovation or addition project can be a rewarding experience, but it is not without its challenges. Unlike the complete home transformations we see on TV, which take place in one televised segment, a successful home renovation requires thoughtful design, careful planning, diligent execution, and time.

This workshop will provide attendees with a broad, start-to-finish overview of this project type, touching on subjects like:

  • needs analysis,
  • design/planning
  • budgeting/estimation
  • municipal zoning and building codes
  • design professionals, etc..

The objective of this workshop will be twofold: to share information, knowledge, and experience and to deconstruct a complex, multi-step process so that attendees can start thinking about undertaking a home renovation project of their own.

All course participants need to be fully vaccinated and show proof at the beginning of workshop.

Mask wearing is mandatory in our WorkSpace.


Workshops are transferable to another person, but non-refundable. Please make sure this date works with your schedule.


Steven Schuhmann is a licenced architect and certified project manager living and working in Ottawa. He is a Senior Architect with the Department of National Defence and is also a principal and co-founding partner of Site-Arch Inc., a start-up architectural practice determined to be an industry disruptor through unconventional real estate partnerships, computational design, and the relentless pursuit of design and technical excellence.

Steven recently completed his own home renovation project where he and his partner added a legal secondary dwelling unit (i.e. basement apartment) to their Vanier home. Serving as the client, architect, and contractor, Steven is eager to share the knowledge and lessons learned he acquired during the year-long design and construction process.