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Demo Night: Introduction to 3D Printing

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Date(s) - Wednesday, Mar 20th

Ottawa Tool Library


Want to use our 3D printer? Have lots of questions? Then this demo night is for you.

This demo night will give an introduction to how 3D printing works and give participants the basic skills needed to borrow the 3D printer from the library.

We will cover the following topics:

● An overview of different additive manufacturing technologies, filament types, FDM printer types

● Different ways to getting a 3D model (creating it from scratch, as well as sources for free models available online)

● Preparing a file for printing

● Basics for printer troubleshooting & maintenance

Some references will also be passed along to assist in further research into:

● 3D modelling software options

● Top 3D printers in different price ranges

● Sources for raw material (filament)

The topics above will be followed by a Q&A session to go through anything that hasn’t been covered

Our instructor, Tom Burn, has been 3D printing for a number of years as both a hobbyist, and professionally. He’s got a background in engineering and loves using his 3D printer to solve problems around his house or saving things from getting sent to the landfill. He currently leads a team inside CHEO for a company called PolyUnity who donated the printer to OTL. PolyUnity uses 3D printing to bring innovation to healthcare by reducing supply chain constraints, empowering healthcare professionals, and reducing product costs.


Tickets are transferable to another person and only refundable if we have people on the waiting list who can take your spot. Please make sure this date works with your schedule.