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Chisel Sharpening Workshop

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Date(s) - Tuesday, Jun 14th

Ottawa Tool Library


Do your chisels and planes need a good sharpening? Then this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will teach how to put the best edge on basic edge tools such as planes and chisels.

We will first discuss the theory and application of edge tools and describe in detail sharpening tools and techniques.

Then we will focus on sharpening media, their use and maintenance, sharpening tools and accessories, the sharpening process, and how to use and maintain a newly sharpened tool.

Please bring dull chisels to practice on. 😊 There will be ample time to practice on a variety of whetstones.

All course participants need to be fully vaccinated and show proof at the beginning of the workshop.

We operate with health and safety guidelines in place: mask wearing is mandatory as well as sanitizing tools before and after each use. Sanitizer bottles are provided.


Workshops are transferable to another person, but non-refundable. Please make sure this date works with your schedule.