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Build a Beautiful Box and Learn new Skills

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Date(s) - Sunday, Nov 29th


Learn how to make a mitred box with floating panels while safely using our tools.

You will learn the safe use of a table saw, brad nailer, and sander to build a beautiful mitred box with a lid.

First we’ll talk about why a mitre joint is stronger than a butt joint and go on to introduce you to the table saw. Then you’ll learn about rabbets – not the animal 😉 – and make floating panels which is often used in boxes and drawers.

You’ll progress to assembling your pieces and use a random orbital sander for finishing.

This workshop is designed for the beginner DIYer who wants to learn the safe use of tools the tool library offers and start making beautiful items for themselves.

We’re located inside a 19,000 sq. ft. warehouse with ample air circulation. All participants (max 6) need to wear masks during the workshop and disinfect their hands regularly. All tools will be disinfected after each use to make this experience as safe as possible during this pandemic.