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The Ottawa Tool Library maintains an online peer-to-peer support group that provides round the clock advice, materials, and encouragement; empowering members not just with tools, but with confidence to wrangle their own projects.

The Ottawa Makers group is a Facebook group for creative people to connect, exchange exciting project ideas, ask for help, gift leftover materials, lend their own tools or offer their time. It is an inclusive community of Ottawa makers and DIYers around the region sharing their ingenuous passion for making and creating.


  • Share your potential project ideas and seek others who might be interested. Better yet, offer to lend a hand and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!
    • “I’m building a hydroponic system next week, anyone done this before and/or just want to help?”
  • Post your before/after renovations or on-going projects for praise and awe, criticism or advice.
    • My husband says to stagger these tiles versus stacking them, what are your thoughts?”
  • Post your FREE leftover project materials to help those who could use them and keep them from going into the landfill.
    • “I have so much leftover paint, sand paper, wood and nails piling up in my garage. Take what you need!”
  • Ask for FREE project materials and save a couple bucks while saving the planet.
    • “I need a pound of cement but don’t want to buy the whole bag, anyone have some they won’t ever get to?”
  • Got a van or truck? Offer material transportation for those who need it.
    • I’m purchasing 300sqft of flooring next week but don’t have a big enough vehicle to transport it, could anyone help?”
  • Gather a group to purchase materials at bulk/sale prices or with coupons.
    • “There is a BOGO half off sale on low-flush toilets this week but I only need one! Anyone happen to need a new toilet and want to split the deal?”
  • Share your own tools with other awesome members.
    • “The Tool Library is closed today but I desperately need a socket wrench! Does anyone have one I can borrow?”
  • Need some troubleshooting advice for an item or issue at home? Ask for help! Alternatively, let people know that you’re a skilled electrician, gardener, or tinkerer (etc.) and help fix otherwise-discarded items and encourage reuse.
    • “Some buttons on my keyboard don’t work, does anyone know how to fix this?”
    • “Fixing electronics is a little hobby of mine. Let me tinker with your keyboard and I’ll see what I can do.”
  • And most importantly, thank a member for their help!
    • Big ups to John Smith for his giving me his leftover ceramic tiles. My laundry room is complete!


Be kind and respectful – We are all human beings!
Keep it legal – All national, provincial and local laws apply as well as Facebook’s Community Guidelines
No advertisements, marketing, or promotion of any businesses, products and services.
No buying, selling or trading – There are numerous other platforms for this. All posted items, or services must be given without any expectation of reward.

This is a community support group with no tolerance for profit driven posts, aggressive behaviour, and illegal activity. As such, The Ottawa Tool Library reserves the right to delete anything we feel doesn’t belong in the group, often without notice or explanation. Members may also be removed.

We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, or legal liability that may arise from a member’s participation in the group and we are not expected to mediate, resolve legal matters, or negotiate issues between members.

All members participate at their own risk.

We are a community focused group who all share a common interest for making things from cupcakes to compost to furniture and beyond! If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would love to have you. JOIN HERE

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