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We’ve been hard at work making the OTL a premier resource for builders and makers here in Ottawa. We’d like to know how you think we’re doing, where we can improve, and where you’d like to go with us in the future. This is not only for members, but for anyone interested in the OTL and the maker community in Ottawa!

Complete our survey before January 20 and you can win a free OTL t-shirt or water bottle.

State of the Toolbox – February 9, 2017

Open for over a year, there’s been a lot of work and learning behind the scenes at the OTL. We’d love to share a behind-the-scenes look at our organization, get your feedback, share where we’re going, and thank everyone (including you!) who have made the past year such a success.

The event will be hosted at HUB Ottawa on Thursday, February 9 beginning at 6 pm. Bring yourself, your questions and even some friends.

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Consider making a donation to the Ottawa Tool Library. As a registered non-profit, every dollar we raise goes back into our community space and success of our library.


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