Greetings, potential tenant!

We’re subletting approximately 250-350 square feet (SF) of commercial space located off Carling at 877A Boyd Ave, and are seeking a like-minded business or organization to share our new home. The price will be $5/SF per month (plus HST) and the tenant will also receive an organizational membership to the OTL. We will start fit ups to the space March 1st and availability for the sublet is most likely April.

The rate will include the following: a secured private space, internet, hydro, heating, water, street parking, shared washroom access, and a shared entrance (both a regular entryway and larger garage door) with the OTL.

We’re a community space which encourages self-sufficiency, upcycling, recycling, and re-use. We also aim to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. If you share these values and are excited about sharing space with us in a central location, fill out the form below.

Contact Information

Some basic contact details so that we can reach you and also learn more about your organization from your website.

Business Details

We'd like to know a bit about you and your organization, like how long you've been operating and your current location. We will not contact your current landlord unless you list them as a professional reference below.

Space Needs

How do you intend to use the space? In an ideal scenario, if you could configure the space, what would you require in terms of electrical, storage and more? Are your operations especially loud or do they require specific ventilation?

Additional Information

The OTL isn't only a tool lending library, but (in normal times) we have a dedicated workspace, host workshops and other events, and are involved in the community. We're a social enterprise and believe in access-over-ownership, sharing knowledge, and empowerment/self-sufficiency.

Professional References

Lastly, please provide the email of two professional references for you and your organization. This may include your landlord, suppliers, partners, or others. We may contact those listed below, but your interest is otherwise confidential and we will not reach out to your current landlord or others without your explicit consent.