Pricing at the Ottawa Tool Library

Since 2015 the Ottawa Tool Library (OTL) has been lending tools at a very affordable rate. It is our mission to engage and empower the community to participate in sharing resources by providing access to tools and skills for everybody.

As the first tool library in Ottawa, much of what we’ve created at OTL is an experiment, this includes our pricing. After four years of operation, we have realized that our pricing structure needs to evolve for us to become financially sustainable.

We believe the changes offer the best balance between the financial needs of our volunteer-driven Non-Profit Organization while ensuring our service remains accessible and inclusive.

All prices at OTL include HST.

Membership Fees

Yearly memberships

Existing or Past Members

40% off until Dec 31, 2019

New Members

20% off until Dec 31, 2019

Prices in 2020

Individual membership

$ 200 120

$ 200 160

$ 200

Household membership

$ 250 150

$ 250 200

$ 250


$ 160 96

$ 160 128

$ 160

Group membership (up to 5 people)

$ 500 300

$ 500 400

$ 500

Gift Package (membership + t-shirt)

$ 210 126

$ 210 168


Monthly membership

(no discount) (no discount)  





Loan Fees (daily)

Hand tools Free
Power tools Free
Special tools (planer, jointer, lathe, power washer, button maker) $5

Loan fees on special tools are intended to keep them in rotation and available to members and help with high maintenance costs.

The borrowing period for all tools is one week, with the option to renew for another week (provided no one else is in need of the tool).

Late Fees (daily)

Hand tools $1
Power tools $2
Special tools (see above) $10


T-shirt $25
Water bottle $25
Leather work gloves $7
Sand paper $1.50/sheet
Sanding belt (for belt sander) $5

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