Membership Fees & Benefits

Membership has its privileges – with a membership to the Ottawa Tool Library, you will receive unlimited access to our tools, to take them home to work on any practical or creative projects. Minimum age requirement for memberships is 18 years.

Can’t afford a regular membership? Volunteer! It’s not only a great way to learn about tools and connect with great people, but you get a free monthly membership for only 8 hours per month. This can be helping at the front desk, at events, with grant writing, creating content for social media and more! Click here to get involved!

No time to volunteer? In a precarious situation? We’ve introduced a pay-what-you-can membership via the OTL Community Fund. Click here to apply. Please tell us how much you can afford, and how you will benefit from a membership.

Terms of Use

A loan period of one week at a time is permitted when borrowing tools, however, members are encouraged to return tools as soon as they are finished. Members can renew any tool once by phone or email, so long as there is nobody waiting for the tool.
A late fee will be charged for tools returned past the due date.

Our Borrowing Policy

Please read our borrowing policy. You will be required to sign it before borrowing your first tool.

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