We’re expanding!

Yes, that’s right. You requested it, and we’re building it.

The OTL is expanding to create a new OTL WorkSpace where we can host our workshops and the public can rent bench time. It won’t be huge, and it’s a big undertaking, but we know this is something many of you have been waiting for.

Like everything at the OTL, it’s a community effort, and we need your help!

You can donate money to support our build, volunteer your time as a safety expert in the WorkSpace, join the OTL or renew as a member, and spread the word to help us continue to serve as community resource.


It’s true, we charge money for memberships and we’re definitely putting that revenue towards our expansion. But we also charge as little as possible to ensure the OTL is accessible to as many people as possible in our community. We’re a non-profit, not a charity, so we can’t provide tax receipts (sorry!). But you can be confident that every dollar donated is going towards building our expansion. We’ve created some tiers with a few perks to recognize our fabulous donors.


We need money and help to build the space, but then we need to staff it! We will have WorkSpace monitors to oversee the space and ensure that everything is being done safely. They will also teach our safety course, which will be a necessary requisite to use the space. Interested in volunteering?

Join or Renew

Your new or continued membership to the OTL helps to fund our operations, events and other programming. If you’d like to borrow tools and join a growing community of Ottawa makers, sign up or renew your membership today!


You can also use the social media buttons on this page with your followers to help boost our message! Whatever you do, know that we appreciate your support.

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