#MovinOTL Campaign

It’s been a year since the world was shut down from the pandemic (can you believe it?), and what a roller coaster of a year it has been!

We shut down, switched to curbside pickup, reopened, then were evicted (through no fault of ours), but now things are looking better than ever! We are taking occupancy of 2,400 square feet of GORGEOUS space and we need to get it set up for the tool library to open in April.

  • We’re committed to keeping all our volunteers, helpers, contractors, and members safe during this unprecedented time. And this means:
  • Everything will take longer to do as we have a limited number of people allowed in the space at once.
  • Contractors and tradespeople are difficult to book, and many volunteers at higher risk for Covid-19 cannot come out and help us in person.
  • A 2”x 4” (previously $2.89) has now gone up almost 300% in price to $7.39 due to supply chain disruptions in pandemic times. Our budget now looks less like an estimate and has taken on a more… aspirational quality.
  • We have very limited educational events to help tide us over despite overwhelming demand to learn home-improvement skills during quarantine!

Help us raise $15,000 to fit-up the new Ottawa Tool Library!

So please help us by making a financial contribution. Every little bit helps as we get ready to reopen. Let’s get #MovinOTL!

In one month, we hope to make the following investments in order to make the Ottawa Tool Library become even more of a community resource for all do-it-yourselfers, creators, crafter, and hobbyists.

The new space will have a proper workshop space to allow for more instructional workshops and member workspace, as well as a fully accessible, well-lit, welcoming, and well-organized tool library.

  • Your donation will help us with the following fit-up costs:
  • Upgrade the electrical supply for the workshop space
  • Install a dust extraction system in the workshop
  • Install a commercial sink and plumbing
  • Pay for moving expenses to retrieve our tools from storage
  • Pay for strong, metal commercial shelving
  • Build interior walls to improve sound proofing, security, and functionality
  • Create and display permanent exterior signage
  • Build a “tool hospital” room with storage, workbench and appropriate lighting and power where we can repair and maintain our tool stock.

The names of donors giving $250 and more will added to our Founders Wall. The Ottawa Tool Library is not a registered charity, however, so cannot issue a charitable tax receipts.

Other ways to support the Tool Library

If you are not in a position to make a donation, you can always purchase a membership, or become a volunteer, or even make a contribution of needed goods or services.

Right now we’re looking for building supplies:

  • Uncut wood (2”x4”x10’, 2”x6”x10’)
  • Uncut sheets of plywood
  • ½” lite drywall
  • 250 square feet raw pine

You can also share this page with your neighborhood group, on Facebook or Twitter, or tag us in a story on Instagram with the hashtag #MovinOTL! Thanks in advance!

The OTL exists because of (and for) you. Although we were taken by surprise in December, we now see that our new location will be better in so many ways. We are so very grateful for all support — past, current, and future — from donors, members, volunteers, local businesses, and organizations.