Humans of OTL

One of the greatest things about the Ottawa Tool Library is that it has created a vibrant, friendly community of members. Our members come here, not just to borrow a tool, but also to share stories, learn from each other and make new friendships.  No matter what level of experience you have, the Ottawa Tool Library has always been a place to learn, share and empower each other. Humans of the Tool Library is a collection of stories from our members and volunteers. Check back monthly as we add new stories!


Debbie – participant at our Repair Café

“I’ve been following the tool library on Facebook for months because I think it’s a great idea – I don’t like to throw anything out, if I can have it repaired. I’m not handy myself so I don’t have all the tools and I have limited space so I thought this would be a great place to bring something to get fixed and to get some more ideas. Today, I’m fixing an earring. It belonged to my grandmother and it’s gold-plated and sentimental. It’s been a challenge but these guys have so many ideas! The other thing I brought in was my wooden wind chime. It was weathered-out with the string, so we are re-roping it and drilling a bigger hole for that. I wouldn’t have thought of that and I wouldn’t have been able to think of how to put it back together again either. So these volunteers are wonderful. I’m on a mailing list and I’m definitely interested in all the events that they’ll be showcasing in the near future that I could participate in. You never know, maybe as a volunteer! I could be the greeter because I’m not handy haha!”

Alex and Ryan – members

Alex: “We became members of the tool library a couple years ago … and little did he know I was thinking of making an engagement ring for him since I knew that an engagement ring for me was coming sometime soon. Ryan’s family had recently replaced a couple of planks on their 1960’s mahogany boat so I talked to his dad and got a piece of plank from the boat. I was able to borrow a block plane from the tool library and using the block plane, I was able to take strips, almost like pencil shaving curls off of the mahogany wood and then wrapped that around a wooden dowel.”

Ryan: ”It was a bit of a surprise, I mean I knew she was working on something but I didn’t know what! I was surprised at how it turned out, how strong it was and how good it looked. I took it off to play hockey but for the most part, I wore it all the time. It was good practice for getting used to wearing a ring in general!”

Alex: “It was when I was looking for the tools I needed to do this project that I found the tool library. Part of my Christmas present to Ryan that year was a tool membership for both of us, and the following summer we were able to build a deck in our backyard using some of the tools from the tool library. We continue to do more and more wood working projects”


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